1. What is Entedeal?
    Entedeals are incredibly beneficial promotional offers issued by merchants through the website. One deal will be offered each day. This is a limited time, and often limited inventory offer. The first ones to buy get the deal.

  2. How do I buy an Entedeal?
    Its simple. You can view each day's deal on the website and click the buy button. You will be taken to the payment page. Once your deal tips, you will be sent an e-voucher. You can present this to the merchant to claim your offer.

  3. When is a deal considered as tipped?
    Every deal has a minimum buyer requirement, once this is met the deal is tipped..

  4. How will I get my voucher after I buy a deal and it is tipped?
    You will get it on your email as well a verified mobile number. You can present this to the merchant along with the identity proof that you entered during the deal purchase process to claim your deal.

  5. What is the identity proof that I am required to enter?
    We request you to enter an identity proof along with your purchase so as to ensure maximum security. Your voucher will be valid only with the identity proof, almost all accepted identity proof is accepted on the site.

  6. Can I change the identity proof after I have bought a deal?
    Unfortunately no. The identity proof has been requested so as to ensure maximum security for your deal. So you will need to produce the same to claim your deal.

  7. Can I use Entedeal with other offers?
    Please refer to the details of each deal on the deal page. Unless specified otherwise, Entedeals can't be clubbed with other promotion.

  8. What happens if the minimum number of buyers do not buy?
    If the minimum number of buyers do not buy the deal, the deal will not be tipped and this will be notified to buyers who had bought the deal.

  9. Will I get a refund if the deal does not get closed?
    Refund for full-payment made will be processed immediately. There might occur a delay of 5 to 7 working days for the payment to be credited to your credit/debit card.

  10. Can I return an Entedeal?
    The entire success of Entedeal is the power of collective buying. Many merchants offer the deal only on a specific number of buys, or have limited merchandise available. As the deal count is important, you can't cancel a bought deal. But if you are not happy with the service or product, you can enter it in the returns page of your my account space. We shall look into it.

  11. What if the merchant refuses to honour my Entedeal?
    Please get in touch with us immediately. We will either help you redeem the voucher as stated in the Deal Terms or give you refund.

  12. What happens if I can't use the Entedeal on time?
    Each Entedeal has a validity period. Please use this within the time frame. Please get in touch with us if this has happened in spite of your best efforts.

  13. What are the Deal Terms?
    Please read the deal terms and fine print thoroughly before you buy any deal. Each merchant has a separate set of rules and policies, deal expiry window, deal terms etc, so please ensure that you have gone through them before you buy any deal.

  14. Is there any charge for joining Entedeal?
    No, its absolutely free!

  15. Is it safe to use credit/debit card for payment on Entedeal?
    Yes. We assure safe and secure payment method on Entedeal. All the data are encoded to protect it from third party access.

  16. Can I gift a voucher to a friend?
    Oh yes! We do encourage gifts and surprises to friends, unless mentioned 'no gifting' in the conditions. You could still buy the voucher in your name and gift it too.

  17. Can I exchange my voucher for cash or other items?
    We are sorry, you cannot exchange your voucher unless the deal 'Terms & Conditions' state otherwise.

  18. I like today's deal - how do I get it?
    Click "BUY" before the offer ends. If the minimum number of people sign up and buy, we'll charge you. If not enough people join, no one gets it (and you won't be charged), so make sure you inform your friends to get the deal!

  19. What happens if a deal doesn't reach its required minimum number of purchasers?
    If not enough people buy the deal, it gets canceled, and you won't be charged. So if you really want the deal, be sure to inform your friends and make them buy it too.

  20. I bought a deal- how do I use it?
    Once you make a payment, you'll receive an email with the e-voucher which can be printed to claim the deal.

  21. I missed yesterday's deal, can I still get one?
    Opps, we are sorry if you missed a deal. Be sure to keep a track of the deals so that you don't miss any next time!

  22. What if I forget my password?
    Do not worry. If you don’t remember your password, click on ‘Forgot Password’ and our system will send you an email with your new password.

  23. What if I forget my Login ID?
    Don't hesitate to try all your email id's. If you couldn't find the right one, just email us on support@entedeal.com

  24. How can I feature my business on Entedeal?
    Its easy! Create an account on our site through Merchant portal and put up your deal on our site. If not just give us a call on +91 9037037373, +91 7012667064.