About Us

Welcome to https://www.entedeal.com presenting incredible value in daily deals. Each deal offers great value and savings to the customer.

What makes our site special?

Each deal on the site is specially curated to ensure that it remains unique and interesting to the members. Something special, at a really special price. We are constantly on the look out for different products or services that can make your life more easy, more beautiful. And we use the power of collective buying to get the best price possible.

How does the site work?

Its simple, you check out the daily deal on the site, buy the deal, and then spread the word to your friends and contact so that the deal can reach its desired number to tip, and then buy it at an incredible price.

How can you reach us?

To know more reach us at support@entedeal.com or call us on +91 9037037373, +91 7012667064 (24x7 Customer Care)